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ASI organizes 3-Bahadur screening for Orphanages

By December 27, 2016 No Comments


AGHA STEEL INDUSTRIES organized dedicated show of the movie 3 Bahadur for the kids of various orphanage houses and less privileged schools (including: Charter for Compassion, School of Champions, Hawa Bai Academy, Sweet Home Foundation and Anfas Ocean Welfare) at Capri Cinema on Monday 26th December 2016. Family members and siblings of ASI officials also accompanied at the show.

This gathering was aimed to add a positive synergy in the youth and to give them an opportunity to celebrate the Quaid-e-Azam day in a manner to watch a movie which is powerful, positive and a promising message. The event was managed by ‘ASI Cares’ Team. Children enjoyed the movie as well as the mascots; the presence of the mascots was surprising for the children. They were amazed to see and meet the animated movie characters in real.

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