Awards & Recognitions

2017: 7th Fire & Safety Convention and Award

Agha Steel Industries has proudly won another award! 7th Fire Safety and Security Convention was held in 2017 which Agha Steel Industries was presented an award for Best Fire Safety Practices.

2017: Strategic Alliance with PREET Machines Limited

AGHA Steel Industries signed an agreement for an enhancement and built of re-rolling mill.

2017: Consumer Choice Award

Agha Steel Industries always believes in manufacturing the best quality of steel. The hard work has paid off as Agha Steel Industries has captured the Consumer Choice Award for the third year in a row.

2017: 9th Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Agha Steel Industries earned 8th CSR award on behalf of Agha Dialysis Centre, awarded by NFEH.

2016: Consumer Choice Award

Agha Steel Industries has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award 2016 for its “1st Electric Arc Furniture, EBAR G5000+”.

2016: CEO Summit.

CEO Summit Asia & Leadership was held in 2017, for the creation of building stronger future of Pakistan, on the occasion Mr. Hussain Agha received an award as a Youngest Best performing CEO.

2016: Pak-Italy Friendship Contract

Italian Embassy, Islamabad hosted a Pak-Italy Friendship Contract Signing Ceremony in Sarena Islamabad on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 where The Contract for the Meltshop Enhancement Project was signed between Agha Steel Industries- Pakistan and Danieli – Italy, the project includes the complete reconstruction of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and a new Fume Treatment Plant.

2015: Consumer Choice Award

Agha Steel Industries has won Consumer Choice Awards 2014-15 for being the “Manufacturer of first Earthquake Resistance Rebar”