Board Of Directors

Mrs. Shazia Agha holds a post graduate Degree in Islamic Studies from University of Karachi, a PGD from Islamic College of Advance Studies (UK) and PGD in Higher Education from Middlesex University (UK). Mrs. Shazia Agha is a well-known philanthropist and participates with significant dedication in welfare activities of different organizations. She established Al Hadi Educational Vocational Centre for women in various underprivileged areas in Karachi to eliminate the illiteracy, develop self-esteem, self-awareness of women with her distinctive coaching and training skills. Some of her other work comprises of conducting workshops on six skills for an empowered wife and women, teaching Islamic studies to undergraduate students at informatics institute. Mrs. Shazia has been taking an active lead on the Agha Welfare Trust, a CSR Project of Agha Steel Industries Limited. With her experience, CSR projects of ASIL are being carried out in the true spirit and are expected to uplift the underprivileged on an aggressive scale
Mr. Hussain Iqbal Agha is playing a pivotal role in transforming Pakistan’s Steel Industry by spearheading Agha Steel Industries Limited enabling it to the leading Steel Manufacturer of the nation. In 2005, Hussain Iqbal Agha graduated from Karachi American School as the salutatorian of his class. Upon graduation, Hussain Agha attended Bentley University, which is ranked amongst the top 20 Business Schools in North America. In 2009, Hussain Agha excelled to complete his undergraduate degree with a Bachelors of Management ranking in the top 10 percentile of his graduating class. Further pursuing to complete his MBA, he graduated with Honors from McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University. After attaining an exceptional education, he attended many courses in Steel Making with the aim to re-define the Steel Industry of Pakistan. Mr. Hussain is an active steel industry activist whereby he holds Chairmanship of BQATI (Bin Qasim Association for Trade and Industry). He has also attended ICAP’s director training programs with approved credit
Mr. Raza I. Agha, the eldest son of Mr. Iqbal Agha, is leading the Denim International as Managing Director. He is also working as Director of ASIL. In 2002, Mr. Raza Iqbal Agha graduated from Karachi American School. Upon graduation, Raza Agha attended Mount Ida University located in Newton, Massachusetts USA. With a passion for business and marketing, he completed his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2006 with a concentration in Management and Marketing. In 2006, Mr. Raza Agha came back to Pakistan to join the Textile Division of the Group. His suave passion for marketing coupled with his keen management skills translated to tremendous year on year growth at Denim International.
As one of the first entrepreneurs in the Wind Power industry in Pakistan, Mr. Danish Iqbal is currently serving as the Chairman of Gul Ahmed Energy and its subsidiaries and Metro Power Group which includes 50 & 60 Megawatt (MW) Wind Power projects. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Management & Marketing from American University in Sharjah, UAE. He started his career from his family’s textile business where he served as Director of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills. However, he felt drawn to the energy sector where Pakistan was facing a huge energy shortage. His journey in the energy sector started from Gul Ahmed Energy Ltd. in 2005, when he oversaw financial investments and the company’s operations. Well known for his strategies and innovative approach and with over 15 years’ experience in the Power Sector, under his leadership and direction the group of companies expanded to renewable energy ventures, with two wind power plants at a combined capacity of 100 MWs. In 2021, he was appointed as Chairman after serving as Executive Director at Gul Ahmed Energy Ltd. He is also the founder of the Pakistan Wind Energy Association which has 18 Wind Power projects under its umbrella and served as its Chairman till 2020.
Mr. Muhammad Asif is a non-executive director of Agha Steel Industries Limited. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Karachi. He has extensive business background which expands over 6 decades in various sectors.
Mr Saeed A. Mirza is as seasoned professional having diversified knowledge and experience on Board and as CEO in Multinational Companies - Alcatel-Lucent (Telecommunications) and GlaxoSmithKline (Healthcare). He has Demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills, has a Unique experience in setting up and implementing a Compliance and Business Integrity policy and function in the Middle East and Africa region for Alcatel-Lucent. This included a pro-active approach to train senior country management on anti-corruption, anti-fraud, anti- trust, Conflict of Interest, etc., the related local and international laws (FCPA, OECD convention, UN Compact, etc.) and the supporting accounting and financial reporting, H.R., procurement, legal and compliance framework. Mr Saeed A. Mirza also involves in strategizing the Development and Governance Vision of Corporate and Government entities, as a consultant or an Independent Director. To assist in identifying key long and short-term objectives and measures and initiatives to achieve these. To help in developing robust control and monitoring systems, to review and measure the progress on these objectives and provide an appropriate dashboard to the key decision makers to enable timely responses and actions to ensure that they are met
Mr. Saad Iqbal is a vibrant and accomplished individual known for his youthful energy, unwavering confidence, and a flair for turning challenges into opportunities. With a passion for entrepreneurship, he has consistently demonstrated his dynamic and self-motivated approach to business endeavors. His academic achievements and professional journey reflect a remarkable commitment to personal and professional growth. Mr. Iqbal's academic journey began at Curry College in the USA, where he graduated in the year 2007 with a major in International Communication. This laid the foundation for his cross-cultural understanding and effective communication skills, both of which are crucial assets in today's global business landscape. His time at Curry College fostered his enthusiasm for international relations and business. Seeking to broaden his horizons, Mr. Iqbal pursued a Master's degree from Kingston University in the UK. In 2009. Mr. Iqbal's dedication to continuous learning is evident through his acquisition of several certificates from esteemed institutions. In 2011, he completed the Finance for Non-Financial Managers program from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), further enhancing his financial acumen and ability to make informed decisions from a managerial perspective. Mr. Iqbal's dedication to continuous learning is evident through his acquisition of several certificates from esteemed institutions. In 2011, he completed the Finance for Non-Financial Managers program from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), further enhancing his financial acumen and ability to make informed decisions from a managerial perspective. This was followed by his completion of the Capital Markets and Finance certificate from the Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) in the same year, deepening his insights into financial markets. In 2012, Mr. Iqbal further honed his expertise by obtaining a certificate in Financial Modeling from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He is currently adding value to many business as director including Millat Tractors Limited, Tariq Glass Industries Limited, Kot Addu Power Company Limited and Hub Power Company limited.