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Agha Steel Employs New Technology

By April 18, 2018 No Comments
Agha Steel Industries (ASI), following its vision of being the leading producer of deformed steel rebars, is ready to implement “Pakistan’s 1st End-to-End Fiori-Enabled SAP on Cloud” in collaboration with SAP, Ernest & Young, TallyMarks and IBL Unisys. The implementation of this project is kicking off a new era for steel industry of Pakistan. This end-to- end driven technology elevates the quality precision to the highest level by producing large production volumes without any human error. The project is aimed to upgrade the technological capabilities as well as operational harness of Agha Steel Industries. This up-gradation would transfer the supply chain of Agha Steel Industries (ASI) on the paradigms of lean manufacturing by elevating its operational and strategic agility, adaptability and alignment. SAP ERP has proven track record of reducing inventory holding cost and presently 10% to 15% reduction in cost is projected from this technological up gradation. It is also expected that system will reduce the data storage space requiring less amount of space to store high data volumes. Furthermore, compact storage would result into better throughput by reducing the manufacturing cycle time.
At this occasion, CEO of Agha Steel Industries, Mr. Hussain Agha, emphasized that global steel industry is moving at disruptive speed and to keep pace with it, Pakistani steel producers had to be highly competitive. This latest, state of the art, solution makes it possible for an organization to be ambidextrous by allowing organization to maintain a fit between its cost effectiveness, product quality and innovativeness. He further clarified that phrase “zero man intervention” coined for this new system did not mean elimination of human resource from the production processes. Instead, this represents the capability of the new system to help the human resource quarters in dramatically improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Doing so, the new system not only delivers better customer experience, but also bridges the demand and supply gap. In addition, the adoption of SAP Fiori tool will simplify the user interface; help to display data in a clearer and more intuitive way and make data entry easier.
SAP-Pakistan, supported the above views. Company’s spokesperson and Country Head Mr. Saqib told that the system would transfer the supply chain of Agha steel on the paradigms of lean manufacturing by elevating its operational and strategic agility, adaptability and alignment. From the strategic management perspective, system will provide the real time information to the stakeholders for precise decision making. Putting together, the new system is expected to provide resilient supply chain and operational efficiencies to Agha Steel Industries (ASI) enabling the company to be a global competitor.
Unveiling the details related to execution of project, the spokesperson of EY (collaborator for SAP delivery) Mr. Inayat Qureshi, Country Head told EY had been selected as strategic partner by ASI due to their high global credentials. The company has proven ability to help a majority of the fortune 500 companies navigate through digital transformation in an age of technology driven disruption in conventional business models. He mentioned that ASI and EY would create incubators to design sector specific digital use cases around SAP and integration with fully robotized steel production facilities where EY will bring the best of local and global tools and expertise to help ASI achieve its vision of becoming the first ‘zero-man-intervention’ steel producer in Asia. In the second phase Agha Steel intends to implement the next generation of SAP analytics solutions – including potential plans to create a SAP digital boardroom environment which allows company’s decision makers to instantaneously query all aspects of business.
Finally the system consulting company, TallyMarks Consulting, shed the light on the cloud-based-storage capabilities of the newly inducted technology. TallyMarks Company is assisting Agha Steel for effective implementation of SAP S/4 HANA and end-to-end Fiori enabled SAP. Providing the detail, TallyMarks spokesman Mr. Abdul Haseeb informed that cloud infrastructure is built on the basis of S/4 HANA certified hardware, having secure environment, unfailing and uninterrupted connection, coupled with TallyMarks Consulting’s superior 24/7 client support. Their cloud experts have extensive experience in helping customers build their IT strategy in Cloud.

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