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Inauguration of Kausar-ul-Jungshahi

By November 27, 2017 No Comments

Kausar-ul-Jungshahi, a Solar Powered RO (Reverse Osmosis) Tube well, is a dynamic change to uplift and develop a healthier living standard for the residents of “Jungshahi” in District Thatta.

The community members of Jungshahi enjoyed and celebrated the gifting of RO plant in the presence of Mr. Ghulam Qadir Palejo, Chairman, District Council Thatta, local residential and political personality along with Mr. Hussain Agha, Executive Director, Agha Steel Industries. This project is another “feather in cap” of corporate social responsibility of industry.

During the occasion, Mr. Hussain Agha, keeping its commitment to gift this plant noted, “Water is an essential human need and we are fortunate that Agha Industries family could play a pivotal role in providing 5000 people with this essential need by the grace of Almighty Allah”.
He also stated that Agha Steel Industries will remain committed to uplift local communities and keep serving the people of Pakistan with highest grade steel being produced at Agha Steel Industries.
This project is one its kind and the first facility that offers the local neighborhood with clean and sweet drinking water of at least 3000 gallons per day, powered by solar energy and utilizes reverse osmosis technology to purify the water.
In closing of the ceremony, Mr. Ghulam Qadir Palejo extended his motivational views and stated, “Agha Steel has added an inspirational contribution towards overcoming water scarcity and depletion situation in the province of Sindh, which is the basic cause of increasing hepatitis disease in masses and this tube well will positively impact the lives of the local community of Jungshahi. It will add value to the lives of entire community members and will support by providing them with better sanitation, nutrition and hygiene.”

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