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ASI and Pakistan Navy jointly launch Shan e Bahr Monument

By September 22, 2017 No Comments


When two great institutions join hands, magnificent things can happen. A beautiful evening was set up on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at the Flag Lane of Naval Commander Karachi for the grand inauguration ceremony. This day was backed up by months of hard work and dedication of Agha Steel Industries and our respectable Pakistan Navy. To show appreciation for the services of our Navy, Agha Steel Industries built an illustrious monument “SHAN-e-BAHR” which symbolizes the shan and dignity of Pakistan Naval Forces.
Mr. Owais Afridi, Brand Manager, Agha Steel Industries was called upon the stage to enlighten the audience about the project appraisal and how he built a working relation between Agha Steel Brand team and Navy officers through which the success of the Monument was made possible.
Chief Guest of the ceremony, Commander Karachi, Rear Admiral Ather Mukhtar commended the efforts of Agha Steel Industries and re-instated the fact that this monument indeed shows that Agha Steel has done justice to its slogan “Defining Quality”. “This monument could not have had a better name than Shan-e-Bahr and it just adds to the beauty of Shahra-e-Faisal. Pakistan is only going to go forward in the future” he added.
Mr. Hussain Agha, Executive Director, Agha Steel Industries said that “it is a very big achievement as this monument was built and setup in a record time of seven days. Never underestimate the power of Pakistanis as they can do anything with their will and commitment.” He also stated that Agha Steel Industries will keep serving Pakistan Navy with highest grade steel being produced at Agha Steel Industries.
The ceremony was concluded with the inauguration of Shan-e-Bahr and it marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship that is only going to get strong to strengthen our beloved country Pakistan.

Shan-e-Bahr, the new talk of the town! The illustrious monument built by Agha Steel Industries for Pakistan Naval Forces is now headlining the leading newspapers and blogs.



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