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Corporate Mission

We strive to achieve excellence through:

  • Becoming the industry leader and the largest manufacturer of steel products in Pakistan.
  • Technological leadership.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Sustainable environment friendly procedure and practices.
  • Positive impact on economy, community and environment.
  • Hiring, developing and training leaders for tomorrow.
  • Corporate Vision

    To empower the upcoming Steel Industry of Pakistan by creating value for all the stakeholders through sustainable industrial and business development.

    Corporate Values

    ASIL values passion for learning while having a strong foundation in integrity, ownership and dynamism. We believe in excellence and sustainable development while remaining faithful to the environment.
    We aim to improve the quality of our products by continuously improving our manufacturing facilities and processes.
    We are committed to positioning the company at the apex of the industry by satisfying our valued customers.
    We have committed ourselves to providing congenial work environment where the employees feel part of the Agha group family.
    We are a good corporate citizen and fulfill our social responsibilities.

    ASIL’s Governance Philosophy

    ASIL’s belief is that the strong corporate governance practices are essential in order to protect its shareholders’ interests, achieve business objectives, meet legal and regulatory obligations, discharge the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and manage the growing size and complexity of its operations. In line with this philosophy, ASIL has created a professional environment that ensures implementation of the best corporate governance practices in order to promote transparency and follow all applicable standards. The Company has signed a contract with a leading firm of Pakistan for the implementation of an ERP system, which will enable the Company to introduce a robust management system leading to improvements in the overall efficiency, quality of reporting and governance oversight within the Company.
    In formulating the best corporate governance and control practices, the Company has referred to the standards and guidance that have been established and promulgated by various regulators, standards setting bodies and industrial associations, including the Code of Corporate Governance of Listing Regulations by Pakistan Stock Exchange, International Reporting Financials standards (IFRS) and Companies Act 2017.