We pledge to continually improve customer satisfaction by focusing on our product quality. Quality Labs equipped with state of the art testing equipment’s are located at each manufacturing facility. Our masterpiece products guarantee the lowest level of impurities by manufacturing billets though the exclusive Electric Arc Furnace technology route.

Spirit of a masterpiece

Pakistan’s first EBT (eccentric bottom tapping) Electric Arc Furnace drives our exclusive method of manufacturing, enabling ASI to attain the highest quality standards available in the market. It is different from ordinary bars in its method of manufacturing and consequently in its combination of properties.



Ingredients of a Masterpiece

All processes at Agha Steel Industreies are integrated to create a streamlined flow of material, from raw material delivery through to storage and dispatch of the finished product. Agha Steel Industry has State of the art R&D facility and a 24/7 operating dispatch center offering world-class product range.

Promises of a Quality Masterpiece

At Agha Steel Industries, all our products are designed to fulfill requirements of steel reinforced bars including High Yield Strength, High Ultimate Tensile Strength with standard elongation, High bond strength, Controlled Yield to Tensile ratio along with Uniformity and Reliability.