Designed on the principles of BS4449:2005, E-Bar G500+ is the “Ultimate High Yield Strength” rebar promising stronger rebars and extra savings. The  echnologically advanced product has numerous benefits that define the pillars of modern construction.

  • Requires 15% less steel in construction compared to conventional rebars.
  • Ebar+ have superior bendability and can be safely bent without cracking.
  • All bar sizes are rolled to a very close tolerance (possible on a fully computerized and automatic rolling mill) so that customers get more meters of steel per ton meaning more value for money without having to sacrifice structural integrity.
  • De-scaled bars have better bonding with concrete and exhibit less wastage at site.
  • E Bar+ are safely weldable under field conditions, saving steel consumption by avoiding large splices.
  • The bars are needle straight, thanks to the continuous line, tension free rolling.